FAQ: Mattresses

FAQ: Mattresses


  • Natural Versus Synthetic Mattresses & Bedding. Everybody has a natural sleeping pattern of warming and cooling cycles. For example, mostly every body cycles a warmer trend from about 2:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Then the body starts its cooling off cycle. By the time a body reaches the coolest temperature, it is around 2:00 a.m. At this point, the mind and body rests and sleeps better when cooler.

    Most people are aware of the importance of rapid eye movement sleep, commonly known as R.E.M. This is very important to each of us. But most people aren't aware of benefits of pre- and post- R.E.M. sleep. The pre- and post- R.E.M. sleep is where the body fully relaxes and rests. This is where the natural fibers can help you "sleep like a baby." Sleeping on a foam or synthetic fiber mattress will retain body heat and act like an oven. This will raise the body temperature and make sleep lighter. People will have a tendency to kick off the covers when they are too hot. Then, during the night, they will get colder and get up to get the covers. This disturbs the pre- R.E.M. sleeping pattern.

    By sleeping on natural fibers, moisture will be wicked away, which will help keep the body at a more even temperature. This will help you get a better night's rest and stay in the R.E.M. sleep cycle longer.

    Another benefit of natural mattresses is that they can last longer. For example, when we weighed one of our natural beds 20 years later, not including the cover, it lost about 2 pounds over the 20 years: from 60 pounds to 58 pounds. When you weigh a foam and dacron bed after 10 years, it's weight is cut in half: from 20 pounds to approximately 10 pounds. And most of this material is inhaled while people are sleeping.

    The age of synthetics, for the past 50 years, generated bedding products which do not 'breathe.' Optimal sleeping conditions provide a breathable surface to the sleeper. Natural fibers are breathable. Synthetic fibers are basically not. Synthetic fibers, therefore, do not benefit from sunning and airing. They are instead, gradually destroyed by these elements while natural fibers benefit from them.

  • All of our mattresses are made to order. Please allow 3-5 weeks to make plus about a week to arrive.

  • Choosing Firmness

  • Mattress Warranty and Comfort Exchange Policy

  • My Partner moves around a lot. The best mattresses to minimize the movement of a bed is our 100% Natural Latex Mattresses. If you prefer a coil mattress, then the Natural Royal Dream Mattress would be the best choice. Otherwise, the Natural Latex would be the best choice.

  • Which foundation should I choose? That depends on your preference and what type of bed you are choosing. But in general, here are some typical guidelines: 
    • Standard Foundation: It is a wooden boxed foundation covered with organic cotton mattress ticking fabric. It has no springs and is the firmest and most inexpensive choice (7" thick"). This option is good to help minimize movement and is most commonly used with latex mattresses.
    • Box springs: The box springs have the more give (7" thick) and is primarily used with innerspring mattresses.
    • Coil On Coil: For our Natural Royal Dream Mattress, we have designed a box spring that is pure luxury, using the same innerspring as in our organic cotton and pure grow wool mattresses. 
    • Platform Bed Frame: Another popular choice is to put the mattress directly on top of a platform bed frame. It is important to choose one with slats so that the mattress is able to breathe on all sides.

  • Can I get one Custom Made? If you don't see the exact mattress or bed set that you are looking for, we do make custom beds as well. Custom sizes, shapes, and materials are available. Please fill out our Custom Mattress Quote Form to get a quote.

  • To ship outside the contiguous United States or needing a special shipping request (such as white glove delivery), please fill out our Mattress Freight Quote Form to get a quote. 

  • Latex vs. Innerspring - Innerspring mattresses are a traditional type of mattress that pushes up to support your body. Latex mattresses feel denser while helping to relieve the pressure points of the body. Some customers explain it by saying, Innersprings make you feel kind of like you're up in the air and latex feels like you are grounded to the earth.

  • What is the height of the mattresses? Most of our mattresses are handmade and the height of the mattress will vary between 7 1/2" - 8". The exception to this is our Natural Royal Dream mattress which is 11" - 12". Please see specific mattress for details.

  • Do the mattresses need to be turned over? All  beds should be be turned over. The all natural beds need to be turned over every couple of weeks for the first couple of months and then every other month after that. However, with our Latex, and Natural Royal Dream Mattresses, we recommend that you turn them over only once or twice a year. Mattress Care Instructions.

  • Chemically Sensitive People: Every person that is that is chemically sensitive or very sensitive to smells are sensitive to different materials. Most can handle one material more than another. Every new material has a smell to it. The new smells do decrease over time, but how long it takes to decrease enough will depend on how sensitive the person is, how well the room is ventilated, and the weather (humid weather tends to make smells stronger). For customers that are very sensitive to smells, we recommend that you let the mattress air out until the smells dissipate enough to feel comfortable with it. The smells are natural and are not considered a defect. If you are unsure of whether you can tolerate a material,  we recommend that you order a pillow made of the same material so that you can sleep with it and see how you do. If you are fine with the material, then you end up with a good new pillow and you can order a mattress. However, if you do have problems with the pillow, we are unable to accept back used bedding/pillows being that we only sell brand new items. If you do have a problem with the material, we recommend giving the pillow to a friend. It is worth the investment when you consider the costs involved with a mattress. We do not warranty allergies. No natural/non-toxic mattress or bedding manufacture warranty's allergies. It would not be financially realistic for a manufacture to do so.
  • Do your mattresses have ventilation holes? No. Ventilation holes are normally used on synthetic mattresses. Mattresses that are truly 100% natural breathe all over so ventilation holes are are not helpful with 100% natural mattresses.

  • Can you sit on the side of your mattresses? Our mattresses are primarily designed for laying down. However, even though our mattresses were designed to lay on, you can sit on the edge of any of our mattresses. The most comfortable mattresses for sitting on the edge are our Organic Cotton and Pure grow wool Innerspring Mattresses, Hemp Innerspring Mattresses, and Cotton Innerspring Mattresses. 

  • How should I dispose of my old mattress? We recommend that you contact you local Salvation Army and ask them if they would pick up your old mattress for you. Some customers have found additional local charities that would also like you to donate your old mattress to them - missions, homeless shelters, abused families, foster care, etc. You may also be able to find a place that will take your mattress here: Earth911

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