Choosing Mattress Firmness

Choosing Firmness

These are general guidelines for our mattresses.  Guidelines below are general guidelines, personal preference and special health conditions that affect sleep need to also be need to be taken into consideration. The guidelines below were designed for the mattresses that we sell. They may not work for other brands.

Innerspring Mattresses
(Innerspring mattresses push up to the body to support it.)
The number of coils listed here are for the mattress only as well as the set. Most other companies will automatically quote you the number of the coils in the combined set. The number of coils are based on a full size mattress. Bonnell innerspring made of a tempered steel coil system for longevity. The number of coils were chosen to maximize quality and comfort for each gauge. Tests showed that increasing or decreasing the number of coils with the following gauges decreased the comfort of the mattress.
Firmness Mattress
Set Coils
Gauge General Guidelines For:
Firm 312 384 13.5 Good for most children and adults that are under 90 pounds.
Extra Firm 528 603 14 Our most popular mattress firmness. For 80% of our customers, the Extra Firm bed is the best choice. Flex edge spring for edge support.
Super Firm 1000 1081 18 For most people that are heavy (based on density of the body), big, or like a really firm mattress, Flex edge spring for edge support.
Border wire: 6 gauge

(Latex conforms to the body to support it and has a denser feeling to it.)


ILD averages

General Guidelines For:


Good for most people with small to average body proportions that want a softer mattress.
Firm 31 Most popular firmness. Good for most people with average body proportions (based on density of the body).
Extra Firm 35 Good for most people that want a hard bed or have large body proportions (based on density of the body).
NOTE: ILD averages reflect the middle number of the range of firmnesses that are used for that firmness. Actual ILD may vary. Organic Cotton and Pure Grow Wool Quilting: Our quilted latex mattresses have a nicer and even more comfortable feeling to them than non-quilted latex mattresses. If the people sleeping on it have large body proportions (density), they probably should not  go with the soft because they may bottom out on the mattress. Conversely, people with small body proportions are probably going to find the firm too hard for them. In addition to the density of the person sleeping on it, personal preference needs to taken into account.

Selecting the mattress you need for proper support is based on the number of people sleeping on the bed, total weight and distribution, as well as health issues such as hip or back problems.

For our beds or any other beds, we would highly recommend that you also seriously consider getting one of our mattress pads, wool topper or pillow top to add to the top of the mattress to help protect your mattress. The wool toppers and pillow toppers help alleviate any possible pressure points in your body in addition to helping to protect your mattress.

Our box springs have a heavy duty wide slat frame with heavy duty treated coils. The standard box springs that are used have 72 to 81 coils with 10 gauge steel to 9 1/2 gauge steel. The difference depends on the firmness of the mattress that was selected. The most firm mattresses use the 81 coil box spring. The coil on coil box springs have the same amount of coils as our other innerspring mattresses, which adds even more luxurious comfort to the bed system. The box foundations, typically used with the latex mattresses, do not have a coil system.

It is of course better not to make a mistake on choosing the correct firmness in the first place: however, if you do make a mistake on the firmness after you receive it, it is better to make a mistake on the bed being too firm than too soft. With a bed that is too soft, there is not much that can be done other than exchanging the mattress with the 30 day comfort exchange policy for mattresses that are not custom made. If your bed system is too firm then you can add a wool topper or pillow top to the top of your bed system to add softness and alleviate pressure points.


Innerspring Mattress Coil Count
  Twin Full Queen King
Firm 216 312 390 486
Extra Firm 340 522 660 880
Super Firm 720 1000 1247 1575

Crib Innerspring: 180 Coil Count, 14 gauge