All Natural & Organic Crib Mattresses

All-natural and as pure as a newborn babe. Because your baby will spend most of its new life sleeping in bed, 60% the first year, a natural environment without synthetic chemicals ensures a fresh, healthful beginning. pure grow wool (a natural fire retardant) and organic cotton bedding is designed to fit any standard crib.

All of our baby mattresses are very firm in order to meet federal requirements on firmness. The innerspring mattress is the firmest, most comfortable foundation for your baby's bedding. The non-innerspring mattress provides a soft insulating layer of comfort which is suitable for babies. Sun and air to clean. Deciding between which natural crib mattress to choose is mostly a matter of preference. Made in the USA. 


  • Crib mattresses: 72 percent of models use suspect chemicals, advocacy group says. "Nearly three-quarters of crib mattresses in this country contained “suspect or dangerous” chemicals, underscoring the need to reform the federal laws that govern chemical use." November 2nd, 2011.
  • Cause For Alarm Over Synthetic Fire Retardants - "Researchers say the effects on children are likely to be subtle - not mental retardation or disability, but measurable changes in a child's intelligence, memory hyperactivity, and hearing. 'We're concerned about learning and memory and some behavioral effects and hearing loss,' Linda Birnbaum, director of experimental toxicology at the EPA's National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory said."
  • Anderson Laboratories tested respiratory toxicity of mattress emission on mice. The data demonstrate that some mattresses release toxic (poisonous) chemicals into the air. The study found tested the fumes from several types of mattresses, especially ones with vinyl covers and polyurethane foam cores. The data demonstrated irritation to the throat, eyes, and nose. Some also had difficulty breathing. Some developed asthma-like reactions. The study can be found in Environmental Health, 2000, Vol. 55, pp 38-43.
  • Body Burden: Pollution in New Borns. Exposure to hundreds of toxic chemicals begins in the womb, finds a new study of the umbilical cord blood of 10 American newborns commissioned by the Environmental Working Group.
  • 100% Natural Latex versus 100% Latex: Please be careful when comparing mattresses. 100% Latex is not necessarily the same as 100% Natural Latex. A mattress core can be 100% synthetic latex and still be considered 100% Latex. It is not entirely natural unless it says it is 100% Natural Latex. The same goes for Natural Rubber versus 100% Natural Latex. Also, if the price seems too good to be probably is. Manufacturers do not typically use 100% natural latex because it costs so much more to use. We use it to provide an all-natural non-toxic product that is designed to last. We keep our prices as low as possible without lowering the quality of our products. We don't cut corners on quality.