Earth Weave Wool Carpets Sample Board

Earth Weave Carpet

$22.00 $35.00

    The best way to choose which carpet is to be able to see it and touch it. The set of samples includes a sample of each style and each color of carpet available, the Wool Padding, and the Rug Gripper. Please make sure to see the carpet before ordering. We always recommend that you order the samples prior to ordering so that you can see, touch and smell the carpet prior to ordering. We do not recommend ordering the carpet or rugs without seeing the samples.  

    Dolomite: Yarn weight is 30oz. Large Dolomite Wool Carpet Images

    Pyrenees: Yarn weight is 38oz. Large Pyrenees Wool Carpet Images
    McKinley: Yarn weight is 44oz. Large McKinley Wool Carpet Images
    Yarn weight is 44oz. Large Rainier Wool Carpet Images
    Catskill: Yarn weight is 65oz. Large Catskill Wool Carpet Images

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