WIDU Wooden Styling Brushes - Travel Brushes


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SKU: G4U-1420

Lift and direct the hair. The bristles hold onto the hair as it glides over the rounded form of the brush. The rubber doesn't get hot so hair is not over-worked with the blow dryer. The brush has a removable head and replacement bristles. The wooden bristles stimulate the scalp and reduce hair breakage.

Italian artisans made these wooden bristles brushes and combs which are all-natural. Neither animal by-products nor synthetic materials are used. Animal and cruelty-free product.

After extensive study and research, the hard white wood of the hornbeam tree of the birch family was chosen for the bristles. They have a strong resistance to breakage and maintain their exceptional smooth qualities.

The wood comes from environmentally responsible managed forests and does not contribute to the destruction of the world's forests.  


  • Natural Travel Brush is approximately 7" long
  • Colored Wooden Bristle Brushes Youthful and colorful travel sized wooden bristle brushes perfect for taking to the gym or keeping in your backpack. Colored with non-toxic water-resistant colors. All with white natural rubber pneumatic heads. Scalp massage on the go. The smallest of our brushes with a head that measures 1.75" wide x 3" long and a 3" long rounded handle.