Tampico Kitchen Brush - Vegetable & Dish, and Pots & Pans Options


SKU: D2E-01548

(Photo: the top brush is the vegetable/dish brush, the bottom brush is the pots & pans brush)

Soft Tampico Bristles with Wooden Handle - Vegetable and Dish Brush

  • Natural Tampico bristles
  • Natural EZ grip renewable birch hardwood handle
  • Perfect for cleaning fruits and vegetables and safe on coated cookware
  • Convenient hanger


Tampico And Brass Wire Bristle Pots and Pans Brush With Wooden Handle

  • Pot and pan brush
  • Natural Tampico and brass wire bristles
  • renewable birch hardwood
  • Head will not rust
  • The brush is perfect for heavy-duty jobs

(Not Recommended for pans with coated cookware)