Organic Merino Wool Fleece Twin Mattress Topper



This is pure delight. 100% Organic Merino Wool with a 100% Organic Cotton Backing. This is a sustainable lambswool made by weaving the organic Merino wool into a backing of organic cotton. Wool fibers are approximately 1.5" high. This is a wonderful alternative to sheepskin. It is 100% organic and the softness is unmatched. Place on top of your mattress.

It is very therapeutic for anyone who has to spend a long time in bed (i.e. bed sores) and can be helpful for people dealing with fibromyalgia. It is incredibly healing, breathable and great for circulation. Made in the USA.

Organic Wool Fleece Washing Instructions:
Wash in SOAK & SPIN. Avoid Agitation & Machine Drying. Please note that each time the bedding is washed, it will shrink slightly, so you don't want to do it often.
Top Loader Washing Machines Instructions: Manually set cycles to soak & high-speed spin. Do not walk away while on soak as it may proceed right into the agitation cycle if not stopped. SOAK - fill the machine with warm water. Add a small amount of biodegradable detergent. Place the item in the machine, gently pushing it down to absorb the water. Let it soak. SKIP ALL AGITATION CYCLES. Manually set it to high-speed spin. Let the spin cycle centrifuge all the water out. SOAK & SPIN - leave the item in the machine, fill with warm water again. Then spin it out again. DO NOT MACHINE DRY. Drape in the sun or a warm place to dry.

Front Loader Washing Machines Instructions: Cycles vary greatly between machine brands. Know your machine and follow the test below to determine if your machine is safe. Use only a small amount of detergent. TEST 1: Drum must not rotate more than approximately 10 seconds per minute. Any more rotations/minute could result in felting the wool due to too much agitation. TEST 2: The machine must perform a high-speed spin, not a slow flipping which is considered agitation. DO NOT MACHINE DRY. Drape in the sun or a warm place to dry.

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