Organic Cotton Mist Duvet Covers and Pillow Sham Covers


$179.00 $255.00

Organic cotton with a natural old-world look. With a duvet cover, you can enjoy sleeping under a comforter with or without a top sheet. Sewn-in California, the Mist duvet covers and shams are designed with a simple elegance enhanced by supple, plain-woven cotton. The color is a natural, unbleached, undyed cotton. The buttons are made of 100% natural tagua nuts. These buttons were chosen, not only for their color and durability but also as a way to support the preservation of our Rainforests. Made in the USA. 

The organic cotton fabric is unbleached, undyed, formaldehyde-free, and it is grown without any pesticides. The photo above shows what the color is. Thread count: 180.

NOTE: Some of the sizes below are made to order, so we ask that you please be patient when ordering the sizes that are made to order. Thank you.


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