Organic Cotton & Jute Scrubbers Set - One of each

Toockies - Sinko

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SKU: TK-SC10003

Handmade 100% organic cotton and natural jute scrubbers: 

Multi-purpose scrub cloths that are handknit out of certified 100% organic cotton and natural jute. This set includes one cotton and one jute scrubber. The jute cloth is more abrasive providing extra scrubbing power.

• Size 7.5 inches square
• 1 of each (cotton and jute scrubber)
• Vintage dish cloth pattern with a punch!
• Stronger and denser than regular cotton
• Deep scrub without scratching including tops, dishes, stainless steel, bathrooms and more
• Tough cleaning and long lasting
• Machine wash/dry
• Compostable and recycles as potting mesh