Kite Paper - 100 (6.3"x6.3") Sheets per pack - Assorted Colors


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Kite paper is thin yet firm with a translucent gloss. Because it allows light to pass through like stained glass, it makes a beautiful window craft decoration. There are many variations of color combinations, folding and cutting used to create unique and stunning stars. In Europe it is also used for making kites. Kite paper can be used for many kinds of creative artwork: to watermark pictures, decorate lanterns, making stars, snowflakes, pinwheels and your own creations! Made in the Netherlands.


Fold your own star:

  1. Fold each piece of kite paper in half as shown above. Open so it is square again with a visible crease.
  2. Fold the two points to the center crease, creating the kite-shape. Repeat with the color kite paper of your choice.
  3. Space evenly and glue each folded piece together overlapping, with the points touching in the center.
  4. Finish and decorate your window or glass-door.

*To make this star you need: kite paper and a glue stick