Kapok Pillows - Standard, Queen & Body Pillows



Kapok Body Pillows mold for support.  The feel of kapok is similar to down but is hypoallergenic and does not harm any animals. The kapok is grown organically and is a renewable resource. Designed to conform naturally to your body, allowing you to sleep in the healthiest possible position, the semi-fetal curl. Soft and huggable.  Kapok is eight times lighter than cotton and has a uniquely down-like quality. Recommended by Parenting Magazine, for pregnant women trying to find a comfortable sleep position and can even help in the delivery room for labor positioning. 

Kapok is a natural seed fiber from the rainforest. The harvesting of the kapok pods provides jobs to indigenous people and helps maintain this vanishing ecosystem. Filled with kapok and covered with a natural cotton fabric that contains no bleaches, dyes or formaldehyde. A natural renewable resource. Made in the USA. 

Regular Size Body Pillow: 66" x 10"

Small Size Body Pillow: 54" x 10"