Filia Oil Crayons - 36 assorted colors


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SKU: M-20725336

Oil Crayons leave a clean, dry and smudge-resistant surface. They are strong and do not crumble easily. Paper wrappers are not necessary for these crayons so you are not obstructed at any time when they are coloring. Not as fragile as wax crayons, colors are brighter, resistant to softening or melting from sunlight. Blend easily to create different tones. The base of all these products consists of natural ingredients with approved colorants in compliance with all EU directives on Graphic instruments and Toy safety.

They are used for from drawing and also work well for shaded drawing. The colors are transparent and blend well.

Colors: black, dark brown, dark blue, pale green, red, vermillion, orange, yellow, white, blue-violet, pale blue, dark green, red-violet, ultramarine, blass-brown, blass-orange, blass-yellow, grey, rose, olive green, green, turquoise-blue, dunkel-ochre, light ochre, dark violet, grey-violet, dunkel-cobalt blue, blass-cobalt blue, yellow-green, chromoxyd-green, brown, dark rose, blass-rose, stahl-grey, blass-grey, blue-grey