Eco Sponge

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Super Absorbent - Drip Free - Durable

This sponge outperforms and outlasts ordinary sponges. Tough enough to scour and scrub, yet safe for wiping any surface. Built to provide long-lasting service. Rinse clean and wring out after each use. Hand or machine wash. Air or tumble dry. Each small pack contains 2 sponges or 1 in the large pack.

It’s a natural and environmentally friendly fabric (made from recycled wood chips) called viscose. Viscose absorbs up to ten times its weight in liquid and releases over 92% when wrung out. The secret is in the thousands of tiny air cells in the material, which trap liquid rather than absorb it. So even when Viscose seems soaked, simply wring it out, and it’s ready to dry again and again. This amazing natural fabric is versatile, durable, machine-washable, and even gets softer the more you use it. With all that going for it, it’s no wonder we’ve got disposable wipes, microfiber, and terry cloth throwing in the towel!

Care Instructions: Wet and wring out before and after each use. Hand or machine wash, then air dry or tumble dry with no heat. Do Not use fabric softener as it will reduce absorbency.


Large Sponge: 4" x 6"