Earth Game Board Game


$19.95 $30.00

Earth Game. No, not a war game but a peace game!

Players look after Fictional Nations, managing resources and solving the emerging problems. You have to be quick thinking and compassionate to deal with rapidly changing circumstances. What to do? Try Consultation, Trade Agreements, Economic Communities, training and deploying Peace Armies to cool out conflict, Planetary Meetings...

The game is won when Spaceship Earth's problems are solved. The game is lost if you allow a World War to break out.

Ages: 9 to Adult

Includes: 17 x 22" board, Earth cards, action chart, nation cards, resource and problem tokens, billion-dollar bills, dice. 2-12 players

For over 30 years, these board games have been made with recycled boards and papers, printed with soy-based inks, made with water-based glues, and safe paint on wooden parts. Recycled corrugated packaging is also used.