Dapwood Canopy Option

Below is a photo of an example of a Dapwood Canopy Bed. The Canopy Bed Option increases the height of the bed posts and connects them with upper rails. Photo is the Canopy version of the Alpine Meadow Bed

Dapwood Canopy Bed Option

Most of our Dapwood bed frames have a Canopy Bed Option available when designing your new bed frame. Above is a photo of a bed frame with the canopy option. The canopy option has corner legs, from the floor to the top of the bed frame, and they have upper rails to connect them together.

The following bed frames have canopy bed legs that are 75" high, with 3.25" upper and lower rails: Meditation Garden, Forest park, Hidden Meadow, Alpine Meadow, Crescent Meadow, Rolling Prairie, Coastal Tide, High Desert, and North Woods.

The following bed frames have canopy bed legs that are 81" high, with 2" upper and 4.5" side rails: Urban Retreat, Whispering Hills, Still Waters, Dappled Path, Misty Morning, Timber Ridge, Secret Cove, Harvest Moon, Mountain Sunrise, and Mountain Twilight

 You can find these bed frames here: Dapwood Bed Frames