Cork Underlayment Specifications

Natural Cork Underlayment - Composition Cork

Description: Natural cork underlayment for commercial and residential applications.
Sizes: Available in sheets and rolls of various sizes and thicknesses.
Binder: Resin of Polyurethane.
Base: Composition of cork granules. Size 1 - 3.
Density: 190 Kg/m3- 210 Kg/m3 (11.7 lb./ft.3 - 12.5 lb./ft.3).
Tensile Strength: 5 - 8 Kg/cm2.
Recovery: 95%.
Flexibility ASTM F5: Pass.
Floatation: None after 3 hours immersion in boiling water.
Thermal Insulation: 0.042 Kcal/m3h °C.
R Value: 1.125 for 1/4" thick cork underlayment
Acoustical Ratings:
With Cork 6mm (1/4" Thick)
Ceramic Finish Wood Finish
Concrete Slab 8" 58 60 56 62
Concrete Slab 6" 53 58 54 59
Concrete Slab 4"
and Steel Deck
60 64 60 65
Wood Joist
54 59 54 60
With Cork 12mm (1/2" Thick)
  Ceramic Finish Wood Finish
Floor ceiling assembly in a controlled laboratory environment 57 58
Fire Behavior: The underlayment is a fire inhibitor which neither spreads flame nor releases toxic gasses on combustion.
Dimensional Tolerance: Length & Width: ± 0.5mm;  Thickness: ± 0.2mm.
CARB Compliant
Lacey Act Compliant
Manufactured in Portugal

Cork is the perfect environmentally friendly flooring underlayment choice for sound reduction and stress protection under hardwood, laminate, ceramic and stone floors. It can also be used for wall covering, bulletin boards, trivets, arts and crafts, etc.

  • STC - Sound Transmission Class Rating
  • IIC - Impact Insulation Class Rating