The Fun Guy Mushroom Cleaner

Full Circle

SKU: FC18143W

Fun Guy Mushroom Cleaner


  • Soft nylon bristles are gentle on shrooms
  • Scoop removes gills
  • Reduces paper towel waste
  • BPA Free
  • #PlasticNeutral – meaning for each piece of plastic used to produce, the manufacture funds the removal of an equal or greater amount of ocean-bound plastic from our environment.

A few drops of water and our super-soft nylon bristles are all you need to gently clean your favorite shrooms. The handy scoop removes gills (and the dirt & bugs that may be lurking). He's tough enough for portobellos, but has a sensitive side for chanterelles. He's your go-to guy with a little bit of funk.

1.97" x 1.77" x 3.74" | 5cm x 4.5cm x 9.5cm