Untrivia Board Game


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A question and answer game with two special features.

First, the questions are practical, not trivial. Expect many hours of enjoyable conversation about topics such as Child-rearing, Gardening, Everyday Law, Travel, Health, Cooking, Car and Home Care, etc.

Second, Untrivia is co-operative. Players share ideas, discuss the possible answers, and decide on the best one to go for. A snakes and ladders type of board provides some pitfalls and pleasant surprises.

Over 10,000 copies sold in Sweden!

Includes: 13 x 18" board, thousands of questions, book with detailed answers, team mover, goof tokens, dice. © 1992

2-12 players

Ages 12 to Adult.

For over 30 years, these board games have been made with recycled boards and papers, printed with soy-based inks, made with water-based glues, and safe paint on wooden parts. Recycled corrugated packaging is also used.