Hotel Ritz Board Game


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Hotel Ritz.

The players are a team of House Detectives coordinating their efforts to prevent a gang of sophisticated Thieves from stealing the Hotel Guests' Valuables, worth Millions. We have Surveillance Cameras, Burglar Alarms, Handcuffs, sets of Fake Valuables, and Brilliant Minds (that's us) to assist in our fight against Crime. With a bit of luck, lots of cleverness, and good Teamwork, losses will be little or nil. But we must not underestimate those Thieves.  Millions of dollars are at stake, not to mention lots of Reward money. It is up to us to outfox the foxes and teach them that Crime doesn't pay, no matter how slick and greedy you are

Ages: 9 to Adult

Includes: 17 x 17" board, 8 kinds of valuables, 6 thieves, 6 thieves' hideouts, 9 stopper cards, jail, rules for basic and harder games. 1-8 players

For over 30 years, these board games have been made with recycled boards and papers, printed with soy-based inks, made with water-based glues, and safe paint on wooden parts. Recycled corrugated packaging is also used.