Wooden Clothes Dryer Racks


$49.95 $78.00
SKU: RL-302

Wooden Clothes Drying Racks

Energy efficient, environmentally friendly, sturdy, and built to last. Made in the USA. Made with Eastern white pine. The birch dowels are machined smooth to prevent snags. Perfect for use indoors or out.


  • 28 Feet - 30" wide and features 28 feet of drying space. It can also be closed and carried when loaded for convenience.  RL-304
  • 24 Feet - 27" wide and features 24 feet of drying space. RL-303
  • 14 Feet - 24" wide and features 14 feet of drying space. RL-302

*NOTE: We are only able to ship these within the United States. The 56 Feet one has been discontinued due to increases in shipping costs. It became too costly to ship.