Petite Childrens Natural Earth Paint Kit


$14.95 $17.00

Our best-selling, Petite Natural Earth Paint Kit creates a creamy, tempera-like paint when mixed with water. Just add more water to create brilliant watercolor-like paint! The rich, vibrant colors work perfectly on wood, rocks, fabric, paper, glass, and more! These paints are suitable for all ages and are 100% washable. This kit makes up to 48 oz. of paint in total.

Our Petite Natural Earth Paint Kit Contains:

  • Six packets of hand-crafted, powdered vegan paint (each packet creates approximately 6-8 oz. of paint depending on the amount of water added), including Red (Venetian Red), Orange (Orange Ochre), Yellow (Yellow Ochre), Green (Terre Verte), Blue (Ultramarine Blue), and Brown (Raw Umber)
  • 1 bamboo paint brush

Packaged in home compostable pouches.