OMphibian Yoga Mat - The Best Non-Slip Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber Base Yoga Mat



OMphibian mats are made with a wet or dry grip PU Surface with a natural rubber core. With double-sided non-slip surfaces, OMphibian yoga mats provide an unsurpassed slip resistance (like the suction cup fingers of a tree frog). Maintaining position during practice improves your yoga and prevents injuries.

The extra dense 1/4 inch cushion protects your knees and elbows while you practice. A larger size allows for a more comfortable practice - comfort means less stress and a more valuable experience whether in a class or on your own. The extra-thick, long and wide OMphibian has specially designed alignment lines to perfect your positioning. These lines are not painted with chemical ink but permanently etched into the surface with a high tech precision laser.

The lighter weight OMphibian Portable mat is a beautiful plain clean blue color without the laser alignment lines yet still has the same large spacious real-estate of 26 x 72 inches, it is thinner and lighter to carry.

OMphibian mats are eco-friendly and responsibly made with natural and non-toxic materials. Clean your OMphibian with water and a towel - avoid any organic or chemical soaps or cleaners. Keep out of direct sunlight, protect it with a mat bag.