Filia Pastel Oil Crayons - 36 assorted colors


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Oil Crayons leave a clean, dry and smudge-resistant surface. They are strong and do not crumble easily. Paper wrappers are not necessary for these crayons so you are not obstructed at any time when they are coloring. Not as fragile as wax crayons, colors are brighter, resistant to softening or melting from sunlight. Blend easily to create different tones. The base of all these products consists of natural ingredients with approved colorants in compliance with all EU directives on Graphic instruments and Toy safety.

The texture, color strengths and the adaptability of our Pastels live up to the demands they have as professional artists. Many pictures on display, some more than 40 years old, looking as bright and fresh as the day they were created; a testament to the clarity and lightfastness of these products.

The color assortment has made it possible to achieve just the shade, tint or to tone you want. Try it yourself - it is easy to blend or tone the pastels, so you have just the result you want.