EcoRanch Board Game


$17.95 $35.00


A family-friendly board game of strategy for a greener future. Made in the USA, this is a family-friendly game of strategy with a new twist: players win by giving back or paying-it-forward. By raising awareness in a fun setting, this one-of-a-kind board game encourages players to create a more sustainable environment and to protect and nurture the planet. 

The goal is to earn the most enlightened point chips. Through a board pathway that includes a cooperative center, peace garden, education center, recycling centers and much more, players choose their own course. EcoRanch includes informative questions about animals, the environment, inner awareness, and social awareness. Sometimes there is one correct truth or answer during play, but other moments simply ask a player to express thoughts, feelings or actions to a situation to earn an enlightened point chip. Recommended for ages 12+ but younger have played as well.