TEK WIDU Handmade Bath Brush

Tek Widu

$27.95 $75.00
SKU: G4U-1190-03


  • Massage Bath Brush with Detachable Head: Large Detachable Head Massage Bath Brush (Intensive stimulation) The wooden teeth set into our pneumatic natural rubber head have a lymphatic draining effect and are suitable for an anti-cellulite massage. This detachable head brush is also very functional for application of body lotions. Made in Italy

  • Bristle Bath Brush: Detachable Head Coconut Bristle Bath Brush (Medium action) Detachable head Coconut bristle bath brush. The Coconut fiber, known also as Coir fiber, is taken from the dried coconut, and it is very resistant to water. It takes away the dead cells and it produces a beneficial energizing massage. Made in Italy. (Sold Out)