Caves And Claws Board Game


$13.95 $20.00

Caves & Claws.

The museum hires us as a team of Archaeologists to head deep into a Jungle to find Ancient Artifacts. This is a fantasy game, featuring elements of suspense, careful planning, teamwork, danger, and humor. The game has three parts. First, we have to hack out the Paths to the abandoned Caves and Temples. Second, using the connected paths, we search for and discover the Treasures. Finally, we must return safely to Base Camp with what we gathered.

Includes: 12 x 12" jungle map, pathways, movers, tent card, a set of ancient treasure, danger, and remedy cards, rules for regular and hard games.

1-4 players

For over 30 years, these board games have been made with recycled boards and papers, printed with soy-based inks, made with water-based glues, and safe paint on wooden parts. Recycled corrugated packaging is also used.