Sweater Stone - Clean A Wide Range Of Fabrics Without Dry Cleaning


$7.99 $18.00

Sweater stone is a convenient way to remove pilling and balling and renew the look of knits and sweaters. It actually cuts the filament that holds the pill to the garment while the cell breaks off, removing pilling and restoring the nap on fabrics.

Pilling commonly occurs on fabric when fibers that are worked loose by rubbing, form little balls. The pills don't fall off because they are held to the fabric by the fibers that still hold firm. Loosely woven and knitted synthetics and blends are the typical candidates for pilling. Usually, it's the stronger synthetic fibers that hold the pill to the surface. Pilling can happen to clothes, blankets, and upholstery fabrics. However, sweaters seem especially vulnerable.

Its versatility allows use one a wide range of fabrics, including furniture and polar fleece. An all-natural product made from post-consumer recycled materials, Sweater Stone will last up to ten years under normal use.

Made in the USA. Packaged with recycled materials.