EcoTowels - 2 towels per pack

EcoChoices Natural Living Store


For years, people have had to put up with the annoyance of wet, soggy cotton towels, throwaway wipes and paper towels that clog landfills. Better than paper towels, the reusable towel is the best way to clean up spills, dry off tools, or wipe down countertops. Made from 100% viscose, a natural fabric that absorbs over 10 times its weight in liquid. Whether it's water, wine, gravy, or oil, these towels quickly absorb any spill. Simple to wring to release. Rinse clean and wring out after each use. When dirty, simply hand or machine wash then air dry with no heat. 10" x 14" each. 2 towels per pack.

Care Instructions: Wet and wring out before and after each use. Hand or machine wash then air dry or tumble dry with no heat. Do Not use fabric softener as it will reduce absorbency.