Biolaine Dust Mite Protector Pillow Covers have 100% wool encased in 100% organic cotton - Standard/Queen

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$39.95 $75.00

Biolaine Pillow Covers have 100% wool encased in 100% organic cotton.  

A dust-mite free night with 100% French wool pillow covers. Only the highest quality wool is sheared from live organically raised sheep. The wool is then infused with all-natural extracts proven to kill dust mites. 

The revolutionary dust-mite treatment uses all-natural extracts which: 
* Is 99.96% efficient in eliminating dust-mites 
* Prevents dust-mite reproduction 
* Suppresses mildew which provides their food 

Did you know...? 
House dust-mites are responsible for: 
* 25% of allergies 
* 50% of asthma attacks 
* Most allergic and respiratory infections

The organic cotton fabric is not measured by thread count but the weave is similar to a thread count of 400 to 600. The wool is 300 grams per square meter.


  • Fits over Standard/Queen size pillows.