Organic Cotton Headbands (2-pack)



Keep every hair in place with 100% Organic Cotton elasticized headband! Our special headband is tailored with elastic binding for a more snugly fit, it is fully chemical-free and latex-free.

Each one is made to rest comfortably on the head with its elastic design that comes in all-natural cotton and secures coverage to keep hair neat and tidy. No more stubborn hair in sight!

The headband is available in 2 colors: All-Natural and Black.

Features: Chemical-free, Synthetic-free, 100% Organic cotton fabric. Completely latex-free for sensitive skin Purified organic cotton process. Double-layered cotton lining. Irritation-Free label for sensitive skin.

Ideal for: Sensitive Skin Latex Allergy Contact Dermatitis Textile Dye Dermatitis Eczema Psoriasis

The fabric is 100% organic cotton. The thread used to sew the fabric together is cotton for the natural color and polyester core covered with cotton for the colored colors.