Ayate Washcloth Scroll


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Agave fiber washcloths are soft mildew resistant yet durable enough for one year of daily use. The only facial grade exfoliation cloth for even fair skin types. Handwoven by native Mexican Indians who traditionally use ayate for many household uses including washing dishes to personal care.



About Ayate

Ayate is a fiber woven cloth that comes from the Maguey (agave salminae). It is a productive fiber has been used in the "Valle Del Mazquital" located in the central part of Mexico where more than four hundred thousand people live. Ayate has been known for its durability, natural origins and usefulness to natives but slowly is turning into an international sensation. Today, ayate is used as an all-safe mildew resistant body exfoliator, designed to last up to about a year.

Maguey is predominately used in Mexico as a resource that provides natives over 100 different products of which include clothing, food, medicine, firewood, furniture, and soap. The importance of the Maguey has prevailed through time and has become a dominant source of income for these natives. Once the Maguey is at a mature state, which can take up to ten years, the ayate fiber than can be extracted along with other resources the Maguey is used for. The process of making Ayate is extravagant, labor-intensive and can take up to two to four days to complete. But because of the high demand for the resources that lay within the Maguey, it leaves little time for growth and ability to cultivate these plants.  The manufacturer makes sure that the indigenous people and Valle Del Mazquital are protected.